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That is the question that has been posited across the U. According to the whispers, the colorful jelly bracelets so beloved of grade- and middle-schoolers convey sexual intent and are used to arrange liaisons of an adult nature. Jelly bracelets are thin rubbery bands which can be worn — singly or interconnected — on the wrists, ankles, or around the neck.

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Gel braceletsor jelly bracelets are an inexpensive type of wristband often made from Silicone. They come in a variety of colors, and several can be worn on each arm. They have been popular in waves throughout the Western world and elsewhere since the s.

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Sometimes women's sex toy concepts can be a bit, shall we say, misguided we're lookin' at you, Teddy Love. Other times, they can be flat-out brilliant. This company's stunning vibrators could easily pass for perfume cases. Even better, they're quiet—no defunct-lawn-mower noises here.

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If you wish to contribute or participate in the discussions about articles you are invited to join Navipedia as a registered user. The Electronic Bracelets are an example of personal tracking products, meant to control prison populations, house arrests or protecting victims of crimes. These systems are designed to serve as alternative to prison, as well as to monitor post-sentence behaviors for some sort of crimes, such as child molesters or other types of sex offenders.

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Top definition. Sex Bracelet unknown. Bands made for a game or an article of clothing.

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Many single twentysomethings, myself included, already feel a little bit like rag-tag Hunger Games outcasts from District Single, forced to fight to the death for some mediocre dude we meet at a bar. The multicolored bracelets have one-word slogans like "fate," "destiny," and "future," and the creators are angling for them to catch on a la Silly Bandz circa in order to render dating websites obsolete. While that's an appealing idea if I never have to answer one of those 1, OK Cupid questions again, I will be a happy womanthere are more than a few problems, including the fact that there's no gay and lesbian option. Also, it's so reductive to assume that all single people are just hunting blindly for a significant other, regardless of whether their personalities mesh.

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