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Nude swimmingor skinny dippingis the practice of bathing nakedwhether in natural bodies of water, in swimming poolsor in hot tubs. The term dipping refers to the practice of being immersed in spring waters for health reasons at spa towns. The widespread social convention and practice in 21st century Western nations is for swimmers--especially in public places--to wear swimsuits.

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Historic Archives - Nude Male Swimming. Search this site. Cambridge Research - Sheep's Green.

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P icture that moment when you finally get to the beach after a long winter, excitedly peel off your clothes, run madly towards the water and crash into the salty waves without a care in the world … this is not that. Some machines were equipped with a canvas tent lowered from the seaside door, capable of being lowered to the water, giving the bather greater privacy. Once deep enough in the surf, our bather would then exit the cart using the door facing away from prying eyes on the beach and proceed to paddle. Totally logical.

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Reading your articles makes me feel like I am on a time machine. Physician and Chymist, contributor to the analysis of mineral waters". The problem was that woollen bathing suits were unhealthy and harboured the cholera bacteria and typhus bacteria which infected the water in the pool.

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But the image prevails, as does is the idea of Victorian society as prudish, covering table legs in case they offended, and refusing to countenance any reference to sex. The couple had an intensely passionate relationship. The story goes that with the accession of Victoria, the previous, permissive Regency period came to an end, the days of courtesans flamboyantly mixing in society were no more.

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We all that know the Victorians were a bunch of uptight prudes. People back then probably got arrested at the beach for showing their knees, right? Actually, while the Victorians—like everybody before and since—had their hangups, their all-too-human sexuality tended to come out in ways that modern people find really bizarre.

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Historic Archives - Nude Male Swimming. Search this site. Cambridge Research - Sheep's Green.

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The resort of Margate was a prime example. Boats were forbidden from approaching within metres of bathers, while bathing machines kept a distance of 20 metres from those occupied by the opposite sex. Men were expected to wear full-piece costumes, while women were encumbered with cloaks and dresses which were weighted with lead to stop them floating.


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